Saturday, 18 August 2012

Nichido- Mineral Kohl Pencil in ONYX (review)

Skin Type: Oily/Combination
Place of bought: SM Centerpoint/Watson
Price: 138php

Hi Everyone! My first ever review; the Nichido eyeliner pencil in Onyx. I remembered back in high school, whenever I came to visit my aunt's house I always ask her to put an eyeliner on my waterline and when it's done, I felt so dalaga na (arte lang)  ! hehe. Anyway, going back to the Nichido black eyeliner in Onyx; I first saw it on YouTube with Ms. Say Channel,. Being so curious on how pigmented it is, I decided to buy one  

Here's a video of Ms. Say using this the eyeliner to line her upper eyelash.
Isn't she's pretty and uhgmeizing (amazing) ? Diba? I ♥ watching her videos.   

Here's a picture of a Nichido- Mineral Khol pencil in Onyx:
It stated on the right picture that this pencil is a water resistant.

 You can see in the first picture how pigmented it is.
At the center of the picture, you notice that I sprayed a little amount of water to test if it's really what this eyeliner claimed to be. Unfortunately, on the last picture as you will see, it smudges a bit.

Here's a sample picture of my eyes. Sorry for the eye-bags guys, I was still up till 2:30am last night and wake up at around 7am, I am not really feeling well. Truly, the eyes are the mirror of your soul. They are too honest in aught to disguise whenever how you feel or what you really feel.
I applied it on my upper and lower eyelash

  • Very affordable and locally available;
  • Very pigmented and very rich in color;
  • Can easily apply it on your eyelid to make a pin-up look and even on your lower lash line to make your eyes look bigger;
  • Has a pretty good lasting power.
  • Be careful not to touch your eyes for it has a tendency to smudge;
  • It is not that water resistant as what the product claimed;
  • When washing your face, it has a tendency to leave your eyes like you have a (black eye) so be sure to remove it perfectly.

Final Verdict:

I love how pigmented the product is even with just one glide. I don't really mind if it can easily rub off for i can handle it. 

Repurchase and Recommend it?
Definitely Yes!

See you all on my next review! Take care and Godbless! ♥



  1. Hi! you're eyes look great! Thanks for the review Ms. Marian :)

  2. i must try it..looks so great on u gurl..

  3. I'm currently using their liquid eyeliner and I think its an okay product. Doesn't last that long on me. I will definitely check this out on my next visit to the mall! :) Just followed you!

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