Thursday, 16 August 2012


Hi Everyone! Good day! As you would all know, this is my first ever blog waaaaaaah finally! Well, first, for an introduction of myself; my name is Joanna Marian, my friends and relatives used to call me Joanna or Jonna for short. But here in my blog I prefer to be called Marian  for a change (wink)  . I will be turning 27 in over a week from now; yeah I’m not getting younger anymore. I have a fair complexion, 5’3 in height, my skin type is oily-combination and very sensitive.

In terms of make-ups, honestly, I’m a newbie. That is why; I decided to look for a review of a different product or make-ups before I put anything on my face. In doing this almost every day, I just found myself getting obsessed in different make-ups and wanting to do a review also on what am I using. With this, I can help my co-beauty junkee to find products that are worth a penny.

Also, I want to give credit to our local blogger who never stop searching for a good product and always giving us their honest opinion/reviews. Indeed, they are really aahhhmaaazing!

Anyway, it’s already 1:30am and its time for me to rest. See you on my first product review! It is about Nichido-Mineral Kohl pencil in ONYX. Have a good night sleep everyone! Godbless!

Marian ♥


  1. Hi Marian! Excited for this blog :)

    Welcome to beauty blogging!

  2. Woah Thank you Ms. Rae! Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion if any, I'm just a newbie in-terms of blogging, so your critics will be highly appreciated! :)

    Is this you blog address Just followed!:)♥